Health tips

Baby’s 1st health kit

Hospital bag packed.  Baby’s bag sorted.  But are you prepared to tackle the most common newborn ailments – nappy rash, cradle cap, dry skin and fever?

Below is a list of items that I recommend you have at home ready for baby’s arrival.

(These are all based on my experience as a mum of 2 and GP.  No sponsoring!)

1)  Nappy rash prevention and treatment

Don’t allow this literal pain-in-the-bum ruin your first few weeks.

2)  Dry skin & cradle cap

I’ll never forget pulling off Antonia’s sock and a plume of dry skin wafting in the Health Visitor’s direction, followed by the instant shame as she picked up her pen and slowly wrote “very dry skin” in the red book, repeatedly underlined!

Most babies will have dry skin in the first couple of weeks of their life, so have these at the ready because I’m almost certain you will need them:

  • Olive oil  (Of absolutely any kind. Preferably not the chilli and garlic infused variety…save that one for dinner.)

Apply it to any dry areas of skin.  After the first month or so, feel free to graduate on to E45 as your baby moisturiser (or Oilatum cream/lotion is also excellent).

  • Oilatum bath lotion

Doctors prescribe this for eczema but it is a great wash in general. You can feel how moisturising it is the second you place your hand in a bath with a cap full of Oilatum in it.

You can buy it over the counter and it lasts for months.  I used it (and still do) for every bath time.

  • Dentinox shampoo

 GPs recommend this for the treatment of cradle cap, but why wait for cradle cap to happen? I used it from birth for every hair wash and neither of mine ever had cradle cap.

3)  Thermometer

  • In my opinion the best thermometer (and actually the one which most doctors and GPs use) is the Braun Thermoscan.

  • Don’t be put off by the plastic caps.  You do not need to keep changing them or buying more if you are only using it on your own child and they don’t have an ear infection.  Just click it off and put the same one back on again (as it tends to insist you put a new cap on every time you use it), then replace it if it gets earwax on it/cracked/gunky etc)

  • Other methods of checking your child’s temperature are not recommended.  The best way is using a tympanic thermometer (one that you put in the ear).

  • Those forehead strips are no use and please don’t stick thermometers up bottoms (as many recommend online!)

4)  Painkiller/Fever-reducing medication

  • A bottle of Infant Calpol and one of Calprofen (do not use in children less than 3 months old without a doctor’s advice).

  • More advice about appropriate dosing can be found on the Calpol site.  Click here.

  • NB Babies under 3 months old with a fever >38 degrees and babies between 3-6 months with a fever of >39 degrees should be reviewed by a doctor.


-Metanium (1 x Yellow, 1x White)

-Olive oil

-Oilatum bath formula (Regular)

-Dentinox shampoo

-Braun Thermoscan thermometer

-Calpol and Calprofen

I hope you find this useful!

Dr Claudia x

Please note: The materials in this web site are in no way intended to replace the professional medical care, advice, diagnosis or treatment of a doctor. The web site does not have answers to all problems. Answers to specific problems may not apply to everyone. If you notice medical symptoms or feel ill, you should consult your doctor. Dr Claudia x

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