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Bogey remedies

Before you head for the selfless act of sucking your child’s snots out with your mouth (I have a wonderful friend who genuinely does this) here are a few tried, tested and Dr Mummykins recommended (and less nauseating) options.

1. Steam.  Sit baby in bouncer in the bathroom for 20 minutes with the shower on.

Just to clarify, I am not recommending the bouncer as some form of bathing aid/wetroom flotation device.  (The bouncer is to remain on the bathroom floor and well away from the shower.)

2. Massage the top of the nose.  This encourages the mucus down so you can wipe it away.

Think Gooey Louie.  (They don’t make board games like they used to.)

3. Leave well alone, they will go with time and babies really are not as distressed by the boogers as we think they are.

Other options (that I’ve never tried or thought were completely barmy):

1. Nasal aspirators.   There are various types- ones like a pipette that you squeeze to suck the gloop out, others where you use your mouth to create the suction and electric ones.

If you do choose to use an aspirator, try not to jam it too far up the nostril and aim for the outer part of the nostril as opposed to the middle part (which is very delicate and bleeds easily).

2. Saline (salt water) drops.  A couple of drops up each nostril can help to decongest (or in reality, do nothing).

3. Vapour rub/olbas oil.  No evidence that they work whatsoever.

The old “put vaporub on your child’s feet” thing totally bemuses me, but I guarantee there are masses of nannas out there that swear by it.  I don’t argue with grandmas.

4. The good old selfless snot suck.  I will leave you with that thought and this image:

 You’re welcome.

What methods have you used that work and what wacky remedies have you come across?

Dr Claudia x

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