Week 2 – To Calpol or not to Calpol

Week #2 of #DrMummyTips!


“You don’t always have to lower a high temperature”

There is a common misconception that a fever is a bad thing and it should always be lowered.

You don’t need to give medicine for a fever and here’s why:

  • The body’s immune system works better when the body temperature is slightly higher than usual


  • A fever will very rarely cause any harm

“But what about febrile fits?” I hear you ask…

Febrile convulsions (fits) are a) very rare and b) thought to happen because the child’s temperature very quickly goes from low to high (so not something that can be easily predicted or avoided).

What is more important than fever is how your child is behaving.

If your child (with or without a fever!) is more sleepy than usual, not eating and drinking, not passing good amounts of urine, is limping/using a limb less or has a rash that doesn’t fade when you press a glass on it – please see a doctor.

More information can be found in my video on How To Manage A Fever + 2 Little Helpers!  (Excuse the image…I promise you it isn’t about me spouting on world peace or pretending to be a Spice Girl…)


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Dr Claudia x

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