Week 4 – Vaccination myth busting

“There is no link between the MMR vaccine and autism”


A less jokey post from me for a change…

In 1998 a study was published stating that there is a link between the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine and autism.

The study looked at just 8 children and was found to be inaccurate as well as not scientifically sound, but it unfortunately led to a lot of concern amongst parents and a fear of vaccinating.

Since then very many more (accurate and trustworthy) studies looking at over 95,000 children have disproven the link.

2 doses of the MMR vaccine (1st at 12-13 months, 2nd at 3yr 4 months) will protect 99% of children from measles and rubella for at least 20 years! (And over 90% from mumps too.)

It is an excellent and effective vaccine, with minimal side effects and no proven risk whatsoever that it is even slightly linked to developing autism.

Let me say it again…NO PROVEN LINKS.

(I think it is pretty clear where I stand on this topic eh.)

For more information on the MMR vaccine, visit the NHS.uk site here.

Check the NHS vaccination checklist to see if your family is up to date with all their jabs.

Dr Claudia x

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