#DrMummyTips – Is that a raisin up his nose?

Week 5 of #DrMummyTips is all about the story of a raisin up a schnoz.

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I dedicate this post to those with adventurous little people.  The type who love to explore those little holes inside their heads and store away little treats for later.

Last week a 2 year old came into my surgery with one snotty and smelly nostril.

The other nostril was fine. He had no fever. Was happy and well. No cough. No cold.

Alarm bells…


“Do you think he may have something up there?” I asked his mum.

“Well…he does love to squirrel raisins…”


Bingo.  (Arranged with the Ear, Nose & Throat team locally to see him the next day and have a look up there to pull it out.)


If you are ever worried that your child has stuck something in their ear/nose – visit your GP so we can have a look.


Things to look out for if you think your child has put something up their hooter:


  • Any difficulty breathing (as sometimes the object can dislodge from the nose and fall to the back of the throat)


  • If they have a fever/become unwell (because a foreign object can cause infection if not removed)


Please don’t attempt to fish something out.  Noses have a lot of tiny blood vessels and can bleed something special if nicked.


Leave it to the expert raisin/pea/lego-brick extractors.


So, #DrMummyTips number 5…


“Beware the single snotty nostril”


Dr Claudia x

Please note: The materials in this web site are in no way intended to replace the professional medical care, advice, diagnosis or treatment of a doctor. The web site does not have answers to all problems. Answers to specific problems may not apply to everyone. If you notice medical symptoms or feel ill, you should consult your doctor. Dr Claudia x


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51 thoughts on “#DrMummyTips – Is that a raisin up his nose?

      1. Yep. Sad eh. Wix was such a terrible platform so I never knew when ppl commented and never knew whether they received my replies to their comments (which I would only come across weeks later)

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  1. Sigh, yes we had a trip to A and E a couple of years ago with a Lego brick up the nose. Fortunately we saw it happen so wasn’t in there too long . Unfortunately we are in Ireland where there is no NHS so had to pay 100 quid for the privileged of getting it removed #kcacols

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  2. Thanks Dr Claudia. Big Munch’s mates keep shoving things up their nose at nursery or maybe theyre all playing some crazy sniffing games. From stones to bits of dry rice I’m so glad I know what to do if it happens to my girls. Thanks for the tips.x Sunita #KCACOLS

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  3. I wrote a blog post months ago about raisins – they can be such a problem for reasons you don’t expect! Arthur ate some for his tea once and they swelled up with water somewhere on the way down to his tummy and somehow, in his sleep, he ended up sicking them up just enough for them to get stuck in his throat…luckily he was in our bed at the time and I’d realised something was wrong and sat him up and managed to get them out (admittedly had no idea what they were by the time they came out, they were back to the size of grapes) but i dread to think what could have happened if he had been in his own room as he wasnt making a noise, just unable to breathe.

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

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  4. Oh i can so relate to this! My eldest was about 4-5 years old when she sniffed a sesame seed and it shot up her nose and got lodged lol! After a nose bleed and a good blow of the nose it came out but we were ready for an A&E trip. Her excuse was she wanted to know what it smelt like lol! #EatSleepBlogRt

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  5. Haha – I’m really paranoid about this happening! Also reminds me of the old man in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin who had been deaf in one ear since childhood, until the doctor discovered he had a pea in there all those years. Then he asked the doctor to put it back because he could now hear his wife too well!

    Thanks so much for joining us on #FridayFrolics. Hope to see you next time

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  6. I’ve been there!! A managed to shove a pea up his nose and though Mr J insisted he hadn’t, it was clear to see when I shone a torch up there. After an afternoon in A&E where they couldn’t remove it, I managed to get him to blow the damn thing out. Kids! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

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  7. I work ENT, here in the States, and the biggest concern are those little disc batteries that come in so many of the toys these days. Kids love to put those up their noses, problem is a disc battery can eat through a septum or into the nasal mucosa pretty quickly.
    Ps. I just discovered your blog on Twitter and I love it!!!!

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