Dr Mummykins holiday health kit

We are (finally!) off on holiday this week.

Besides the usual last-second frantic packing of flip-flops, swim suits and arm bands, I always put together a quick health kit (no stethoscopes, I’m definitely leaving that baby at home).

I prefer to pack light, so won’t be bringing the whole Dr Mummykins home first aid kit.


There is plenty of advice out there on what to take with you on holiday and also plenty of ready made kits.  Again, I like to keep things simple, so here is what’s in our family holiday health kit:

  • Sun lotion

SPF 50+, with UVA and UVB coverage.  (I love the Nivea Sun trigger spray.)

  • Plasters, plasters and more plasters

There WILL be a fall by the pool.

There WILL be a grazed knee or two on the funky European climbing frame.

Mummy WILL wear a new pair of good-idea-at-the-time blister inducing sandals.

  • Calpol and Calprofen 

We usually take sachets and often will have a pack of each as opposed to lugging the bottles around.

  • Metanium nappy ointment

Hot weather + nappy = nappy rash.


What is NOT in our holiday health kit:

Random bandages, pointless creams and antiseptic sprays or washes.

Why?  Because I don’t have space, hate packing liquids (risk of drenching every single holiday outfit is too high), have never (touch wood) needed them and if I did, I could buy them abroad/visit a local hospital.


So #DrMummyTips week 6:


“Don’t forget your holiday health kit!”

Happy holidays and let us know what is in your holiday health kit.


Dr Claudia x

Please note: The materials in this web site are in no way intended to replace the professional medical care, advice, diagnosis or treatment of a doctor. The web site does not have answers to all problems. Answers to specific problems may not apply to everyone. If you notice medical symptoms or feel ill, you should consult your doctor. Dr Claudia x

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