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Beware the FLESH-EATING spiders!

This is not a Halloween joke.  This is a genuine article printed in The Sun.


Thanks to this I’ve seen numerous panic stricken parents bringing their children with bites, concerned their flesh was going to start wilting off.

The small print…

But who is going to sit there and read the small print when there are flesh eating CANNIBAL spiders about!?  (Gotta love the dramatic title.)

I don’t think I need to go into this any further, but just to clarify- there are no human flesh eating spiders about this autumn.

If your child does get bitten by any insect, give them some Piriton (can be purchased over the counter without a prescription, please check it is suitable for your child) and ask your friendly local pharmacist for any tips.

Should the redness continue to spread around the bite or if your child starts to develop a worsening allergic reaction – pay your GP a visit.

Happy Halloween folks!

Dr Claudia x

Please note: The materials in this web site are in no way intended to replace the professional medical care, advice, diagnosis or treatment of a doctor. The web site does not have answers to all problems. Answers to specific problems may not apply to everyone. If you notice medical symptoms or feel ill, you should consult your doctor. Dr Claudia x

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