Baby health awareness & first aid

After the last 2 successful North London baby & child health sessions, here comes the antenatal/baby session for parents-to-be and new parents/carers!


The newborn and baby stage can be filled with a variety of health worries but by being prepared it will help ease those anxieties and equip carers with the knowledge of what problems can be safely taken care of at home and when to go see a doctor.

The 2 hour interactive session will still cover those all-important basic life support and choking skills that all new parents and carers should be aware of (or might wish to brush up on) and it will also focus on common newborn & baby health concerns.


Baby health awareness:

  • Common newborn and baby conditions
    • cradle cap
    • nappy rash
    • caring for the bellybutton, bathing & boys bits
    • reflux and colic
    • dry skin, eczema & allergies
    • common infections
  • How to spot an unwell baby and when to see your GP
  • Checking and managing fever
  • Dealing with vomiting and diarrhoea

Baby & child first aid:

  • Choking management and safe weaning
  • Basic life support
  • Burns
  • Falls/head injuries in crawlers and cruisers
  • What to have in your home first aid kit

Plus there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions!

Babies are more than welcome and the session is breastfeeding friendly.

Dates coming soon! Do contact me with any queries.



I am a mum of 2 very young children (and 3rd on the way due in April 2017!), a fully qualified GP with over 7 years of experience as a doctor and graduated in medicine from UCL Medical School (London, 2009).

These courses and blog were set up in an attempt to make child health and first aid easily accessible and approachable to all parents and carers.

My sessions are always interactive, friendly, non-judgemental and most importantly everything is based on accurate UK health guidance.


Hope to see you at my session!

Claudia x


A couple of pics from the last sessions!  View past courses & feedback here.

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