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A lollipop warning

This is an important story that a friend of mine once told me, involving her 18 month old and a lollipop.


One day whilst at home she noticed her son was having difficulty breathing.

His breathing then completely stopped.

As she rushed over to him she saw a white little stick in his hand and immediately realised the round lollipop sweet had come off the stick and he was choking on it. One of her older children must have left a lollipop on the coffee table.

Luckily she knew what to do so after a couple of back-slaps the sweet became unstuck from his airway.

Please take care with lollipops as the round sweet can come off the stick and the combination of its round shape and stickiness makes for a dangerous choking hazard.

Since hearing her story I make sure to always supervise my young children when eating lollipops and I very highly recommend everyone takes note too.

I’m not a fan of scaremongering so please don’t take lollipops off your shopping lists (we certainly haven’t), but do take care in all children under the age of 3 and make sure that you are always supervising young children whenever they are eating.

Dr Claudia x

For advice on how to manage choking please check out St John’s Ambulance or the British Red Cross websites and videos online.

I plan to hold further North London first aid and child health courses in the new year, so do check on www.DrMummykins.com for upcoming courses or contact me if you would like to book on a session in the future.

3 thoughts on “A lollipop warning

  1. They seem to make those little lollipops just the right size to block off a small airway. Same thing goes for sausages, and hotdogs. My youngest was about 15 months old when he grabbed a sausage link off of my plate at a restaurant. I knew something was up when I looked at him and he had this huge wide-eyed stare of pure horror on his face, and was opening and closing his mouth, but making no sounds at all. Luckily I had paid attention in my CPR classes, I pulled him out of the high chair and did back blows and the piece of sausage came hurtling out. Scared the snot out of me!!!

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