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*DIY chickenpox bath bomb*

This post is all about how to soothe those terribly itchy chickenpox blisters – the Mother Earth way (sort of).

Our household is in the throws of chickenpox this week.  After a happily brief 48 hours of fevers, all that remains now is those pesky itchy spots.

Here is a quick rundown of ways to soothe the itching:

  1. PIRITON, an antihistamine liquid that you can buy over the counter.
  2. COOLING SPRAY/GEL, also purchased from your local pharmacy.
  3. The DRMUMMYKINS BATH BOMB (that’s right, I’ve gone all crafty).

(NB Why no CALAMINE?? Calamine is no longer recommended as it is thought to crust up in lesions and potentially make the skin more itchy.)


My DIY BATH BOMB (aka glorified oats in old tights)

What you’ll need:


I believe the methodology is pretty self explanatory!

Run a bath (aim for a cooler temperature than usual) and add the glorified oats in tights/bath bomb.  Leave to infuse whilst you bathe your sprog.

Did it work?  She definitely had fun playing with it (plus I felt all Mother Earth making it) and she assured me that her skin felt much better.

(I did then give her a dose of Piriton and sprayed her with cooling gel before she went to bed.  She slept very well, so all in all a success!)

Have you ever tried any DIY remedies for chickenpox?  Share them with us all!

Dr Claudia x

For more information around chickenpox, the new guidance and information about the vaccine- click here.

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