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Where did you go!?

It’s a fair question. Where on earth have I been indeed? Turns out keeping 3 kids under the age of 5 alive is no mean feat (#statingtheobvious), throw in 3 school runs a day, blogging for BabyCentre and having a shower now and again…it’s been enough to tip me right off the blogosphere.

But I’m back…

Back with a few new projects too and thought it would make a fitting first post/update!

Infant friendly seminars – Friday the 2nd of March

I love attending conferences and networking but these babies just kept cramping my style.

No, I jest. It wasn’t the babies but more that the events were unsuitable for attending with a baby…


I don’t expect professional conferences to provide me with a baby food option, tiny cutlery nor even a baby changing room. But I found that most medical seminars either specifically stated “no babies” or were in such inaccessible venues that no buggy (nor wheelchair for that matter) would stand a chance.

Feeling out of the loop is hard

Maternity leave can be pretty lonely at times. Throw in a load of professional exams and the anxiety of returning to work after a break and it all can become quite overwhelming.

So why not create a conference for doctors on parental leave with:

  1. Academic lectures (including The Mumologist on transitioning to motherhood)
  2. Baby Sensory class
  3. Soft play room
  4. Nursing/expressing/baby changing areas
  5. Mindful parenting from the Breathe Academy
  6. Food (you can eat one handed) and a coffee and tea service
  7. Bubble baby sitters on site to lend a hand when needed (I’m talking loo breaks, minding sleeping babies and for all those important coffee refills)
  8. Plus some fun and useful goody bags with local and high-end bits for parents and babies including Planet Organic bags, Sorbet beauty salon products and vouchers, a Mindful Parenting book each, Mum’s Office organisers, bespoke teething jewellery by Thea&Me, organic baby blankets and sheets from Lucy and Belle (the online baby boutique), vouchers for hand made British designer Jewellery by Anuka, a month’s access to Lean Mums (online antenatal and postnatal exercises and recipes), Zebra Ceramics vouchers AND some ridiculously delicious (and healthy!) treats from Sano To Go (the place where passion for food and health meets nutritional science!).

*Takes deep breath!*

(Oh and…the parent with the youngest baby on the day also gets a Selfish Mother (FMLY store) Wonder Woman t-shirt (rather fitting no?) AND a £25 JojoMamanBebe voucher!)


All of this in a buggy accessible venue (ramps and lifts) PLUS all proceeds going to my local hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care and Special Care Baby Unit.

In a nut shell – this is what PLUSbaby is all about!

More details can be found on my Instagram page or on the website

There are only 3 tickets left for this day for medical parents with babies under the age of 12 months, so CLICK HERE if you’d like to find out more and purchase tickets!

City Parents

My other exciting venture taking place next week is going to be a talk on paediatric first aid and child health for ONE HUNDRED city parents at Macfarlanes! (Where is the shocked open mouthed emoji when you need it!?)


I cannot wait! When do you ever get the opportunity to talk about something you really care about and enjoy to 100 people in one go??

CityParents are an inclusive network for City professionals who have a shared interest in balancing home/family life with a progressive career.  They organise regular informative networking events at convenient times in the City and Canary Wharf, covering relevant topics (and on this occasion paediatric first aid!). If you’ve not heard of CityParents or want to know more, do check them out.

Last but not least!

The Dr Mummykins child health and first aid classes in North London continue with a session next week on Wednesday the 28th of February in Muswell Hill. If you’d like to find out more or book a slot (£30 per person and babies are very welcome as usual!) then send me a message via the Contact Form.


More to come from me soon!

Dr Claudia

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