Babysitting and the Bubble App

You won’t often catch me reviewing products or services, so this right here is one of those rare occasions, but last week I was desperate to attend an event at GoogleHQ and Bubble App came to my rescue!


Impromptu evenings out

With three kids under the age of 5, I have spent more of the last 5 years of my life at home and on maternity leave than I have outside the house! So when it comes to childcare, I tend to rarely need it and when I do, I beg borrow and steal it from family members.

However I was increasingly finding that there would be impromptu evenings I’d like to pop out or random events that I wished I could attend, but with family living a couple of hours drive away it often meant I’d have to turn down invitations.

Then I discovered Bubble…

This week I had an evening conference that I desperately wanted to attend but with my husband’s work schedule it meant that there was no guarantee we would be able to hand over the childcare baton seamlessly!

I had already downloaded the Bubble app on the recommendation of a friend and thought I’d give it a whirl. There were over 20 potential available local sitters, most of them with hundreds of positive reviews from local parents.

Booking a sitter

I clicked through a few profiles, selected a sitter and chose the hours I’d need. With a few quick taps I also entered how many children I had, their ages and the fact we also have a cat (which I could see on the sitter’s profile would be fine as it stated she was comfortable with pets). The sitter then confirmed the booking within seconds!

When the day came, she showed up bang on time, helped look after the kids as I got ready (what a luxury!), kept them thoroughly entertained after I headed out and until my other half got home.


I was then able to terminate the sit (using my mobile whilst at the conference venue!) and pay with a simple tap too!


Now I suddenly feel like I’ve got the freedom to do more with my evenings and am going to start using the app to help give me some child-free time at home to catch up with work too.

Thanks Bubble!


Click here to find out more about Bubble and download the app.

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