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My mate Fanny (& practical tips for managing pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy)

This week's BabyCentre post is about the agony that is pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy. It is also a formal introduction to my secret friend 'Fanny'... If you've ever suffered with pelvic girdle pain, you are sure to relate! Dr Claudia x

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“It’s never too late to quit”

With today being No Smoking Day - here is my latest BabyCentre post covering some important facts to be aware of when it comes to exposing your little ones (whether buns in the oven or fully fledged freely roaming mini humans) to cigarettes. Dr Claudia x

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How we achieved a tear-free vaccination!

Ever wondered how to make the pre-school immunisation process tear-free for your little one (and stress-free for you)? Here's what we did to prepare our 3 year old for her jabs last week! Follow this link to my first BabyCentre post: Dr Claudia x

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Diarrhoea and vomiting #DrMummyTips

I'm back and what better topic to celebrate my return with than a whistle-stop tour of the runs and vom. (For those wondering where I have been, scroll to the bottom for a thorough list of excuses.  For those not interested and here on the search for tips on managing the spate of winter vomiting bugs - read… Continue reading Diarrhoea and vomiting #DrMummyTips