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Toddler tooth care (with Brush-Baby)

The toddler (finally!) enjoys brushing his teeth! This stubborn little mule has always provided us with a challenge when it comes to tooth brushing. It's the last thing you need when already in a mad morning rush to get three out of the door in time for preschool. Brush-Baby Brush-Baby asked us to review a… Continue reading Toddler tooth care (with Brush-Baby)

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My mate Fanny (& practical tips for managing pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy)

This week's BabyCentre post is about the agony that is pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy. It is also a formal introduction to my secret friend 'Fanny'... If you've ever suffered with pelvic girdle pain, you are sure to relate! Dr Claudia x

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SmearForSmear – “Sorry I’ve not shaved my foof!”

The smear4smear campaign this week is run by Jo's Trust.This excellent campaign is raising awareness of how cervical screening saves lives. THE FACTS... Did you know that 1 in 4 women don't attend screening, but 2 women a DAY lose their lives to cervical cancer which if caught early through screening can often be successfully treated?… Continue reading SmearForSmear – “Sorry I’ve not shaved my foof!”