As a mum and fully qualified London GP, I am all too aware of how worrying it can be when your child is unwell.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have over 14 years of medical experience (and counting!) to help me deal with those moments when my children are unwell or need first aid. (More about me…)

So one day I decided to set up DrMummykins in order to try and bridge the gap between the accurate (but difficult to engage with) health sites and popular (but often factually incorrect) social media platforms for parents.

My aim is to equip parents with the confidence needed to manage those scary moments that require first aid PLUS common childhood health problems, all in a practical and approachable manner.




My courses cover:

  • basic life support, management of choking and first aid (with manikins)

PLUS practical #DrMummyTips for common child health concerns including:

  • Childhood infections
  • Rashes
  • What is a fever, how to check it accurately and when to treat it
  • Symptoms and signs that mean you should visit the doctors
  • Falls and fractures

And more…

I also do courses in parent’s homes. Babies and children are always more than welcome!


Courses can be provided in the workplace/your home/a local community centre.

For example, in February 2018 I gave a talk to 100 parents in The City of London at Macfarlanes.

As a fully qualified GP, I am happy to answer any questions at all (no matter how silly or strange you might think they are, trust me, I will have been asked them all before!)


Please contact me for details.


If you have received an E-Gift Card, e-mail me to book your chosen course date.

First Aid+ is an informative and friendly 2 hour session that you can gift to a friend who is expecting their first baby or has young children, or to a grandparent/carer. Please contact me if you would like to purchase a gift voucher.


Contact me on / via the contact form with any queries regarding my courses.

Hope to see you soon!

Dr Claudia