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The “Quick-Wee” Method

If you’ve ever had to get a urine sample from a non-potty trained child, you might be interested to read this! Today’s post is all about some new Australian research around how to catch a good urine sample with more ease from a baby (and it’s pretty clever stuff!). Dr Claudia x

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Toddler tooth care (with Brush-Baby)

The toddler (finally!) enjoys brushing his teeth! This stubborn little mule has always provided us with a challenge when it comes to tooth brushing. It’s the last thing you need when already in a mad morning rush to get three out of the door in time for preschool. Brush-Baby Brush-Baby asked us to review a… Continue reading Toddler tooth care (with Brush-Baby)

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My mate Fanny (& practical tips for managing pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy)

This week’s BabyCentre post is about the agony that is pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy. It is also a formal introduction to my secret friend ‘Fanny’… If you’ve ever suffered with pelvic girdle pain, you are sure to relate! Dr Claudia x

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Your Baby’s Health – Nurturing Mums

10 day old newborn Ellie and I are excited to announce that we will be running a FREE bonus session for Nurturing Mums in Muswell Hill and Crouch End! I’m a huge fan of Lucinda’s post natal courses. Not just because it is an opportunity to make more local friends (invaluable when you have a… Continue reading Your Baby’s Health – Nurturing Mums