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PLUSbaby is coming in 2018! A truly baby friendly conference for healthcare professionals.

Having a baby doesn’t mean your professional life has to become an all or nothing affair. Parental leave or your off-days when part time working shouldn’t have to be completely separate from your professional interests.

Sadly we know that retention rates amongst doctors and surgeons is at an all-time low. Many parents find that having a baby changes their priorities and outlook on life. This can lead to some questioning whether a return to work is the right thing for them and their families.

Myself and Maryame believe that if we all felt more comfortable bringing our babies along to professional conferences and kept our toes dipped in the working world whilst taking a little time out, it would not only improve our confidence and likelihood of returning to work but also create a more balanced parental leave experience and be beneficial for our babies too!

PLUSbaby is currently under development but here is a taster of the plans that are underway!

The PLUSbaby conference

Our plan is to create a one day event with the aim of it being as comfortable as possible to bring your baby along should you wish to.


  • This will include easy access, baby changing facilities, breastfeeding areas and space to park buggies or manoeuvre them around the venue with ease.


  • In order for the lectures to be of interest to physicians and surgeons of all specialties, they will be on topics that are both useful to some of us as clinicians but to the majority of us as parents, for example up to date information on paediatric allergies, baby development and so on.
  • The lecturers will be leaders in their area of interest and happy to answer your questions.
  • The sessions will be fully CPD approved and you will receive a certificate on the day to certify your attendance.

Baby entertainment

  • There will be a breakout room that will be a safe space for babies to roam and explore. We will also have a Baby Sensory class take place a few times across the day.

Your wellbeing

  • We know it isn’t easy to be a healthcare professional and a parent. Balancing work and home-life with professional exams, annual appraisals, revalidation, keeping up to date plus the rest of what life has to throw at you is no mean feat.
  • Sometimes it can be helpful to find a way to relax and focus. With this in mind we will have a parent & baby yoga session to try out and a mindfulness session too.

Food and drink

  • Hot and cold drinks will be available and a buffet lunch stocked with finger foods that will make one handed eating as easy as possible!

Goody bags

  • And to top it all off we will be waving you home with high-end and locally-sourced goody bags for you and your baby!

Contact us

If you wish to register your interest to attend a PLUSbaby conference or you’d like to get involved, please send me an e-mail at and I will get back to you asap.

Dr Claudia Pastides

Co-Founder and medical director of PLUSBaby